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What About The Director's Cut? VIDEO: Watch clips from Chris Weitz' original footage
Interviews with Eva Green and Sam Elliott VIDEOS: Interviews with stars from The Golden Compass
The Golden Compass World Premiere FEATURE: Follow our coverage of the London press events
The Golden Soundtrack ESSAY: Read our exclusive interview with Alexandre Desplat
Chris Weitz' First Draft EXCLUSIVE: Read Chris Weitz' first draft of The Golden Compass

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ISBN: 9780385604413

19th Jul 2011

A wild Book of Dust ISBN appears, together with information on the publisher!

Philip Pullman Fundraising Event for Brent's Libraries

18th Jul 2011

Philip Pullman will be speaking at an event to raise funds to save Brent’s libraries. The event will take place on Wednesday 20 July, 7pm in Queens Park Community School hall.

Philip Pullman at HowTheLightGetsIn 2011

17th May 2011

On June 5th Philip will be at the HowTheLightGetsIn festival's panel The Great Escape talking about fantasy in writing and film.

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The Golden Compass Reception

Featured Op-ed

The Identity of God

February 3, 2010 by jfrcoates

Why The Authority is not God, and why His Dark Materials is not anti-religious at all.

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The Golden Compass Best Buy Bonus Disc

May 4, 2008 by Phit

Thought I'd drop a word in on the Best Buy Bonus Disc. I've watched the full thing over now and I have to say, things like this make DVDs what they are.…

Featured Essay

Lyra’s Parents

December 16, 2007 by Dark Fantasies

Part I - First Impressions Together. It's tough to say if Marisa and Asriel loved each other. They both had the passion and child right? Well maybe there…

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