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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Weitz' First Draft of The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass' production was rife with tales of cuts, edits, and more cuts. This left many fans wondering to what extent the final product resembled Chris Weitz' original vision. Well here we present you with Weitz' first draft of script for the The Golden Compass. As we remarked when earlier footage of the film surfaced, it differs greatly from the studio's release, and is much truer to the books that the fans love.

View the complete script here.

What do you think? Would this version have been better than the actual release?

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Wow Ryan this is a pretty incredible find! I look forward to reading it

# Posted by bekkums on 3:25, 4 April 2011

bekkums's avatar

Thanks Ryan for this (wonderful) document. I had a first read tonight - some parts seem amazing - a burning witch? Lee in love with Serafina? Iorek qualifying Lyra of ‘fullhardy and impertinent child’ (p102) and a proper death for Billy Costa, a trully moving sequence. It will be worth additionnal read, clearly.

# Posted by Ashitaka on 21:44, 4 April 2011

Ashitaka's avatar

Ryan, thanks so much for this! I can imagine how much does the film differ from this script, it is such a pity what New Line has done to Chris, they’ve certainly ruined his work!

# Posted by Belacquagirl on 21:55, 13 December 2011

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